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Mazenod conference centre (mcc).

Mazenod Conference Center is about 10-15km from MaseruProvince of Lesotho. township, exactly at Mazenod Ha-Paki, about 5km from the Moshoeshoe I International Airport. This place belongs to the Oblate of Mary Immaculate. At this place there are many diseased Oblates of the

MCC accommodates different people lodging there either going out every morning to do their different activities or missions or staying there full-time having conferences, meetings (AGMs), workshops, retreats or spiritual exercises, camps, etc. Food is available to such visitors at reasonable prices. And just in the same compound, there is a huge Printing works and Books selling, retail and wholesalers.

MCC is really a home, you can visit and relax. This house can accommodate as many as more than 30 people. For bookings contact the Director at:

                   Mazenod Conference Center

                        P.O. Box 1

                        Mazenod 160


                        Tel.:   (0266)22350-228.


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