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Our Botswana Mission is flourishing with a very bright future. Our oblates over there seem to be very happy and enjoying their work. Much, they say, is their good relatioship with the local church. They can spend a lot of time telling one how they share their fruitful toils and how cooperative is the local church of Botswana.

Up to this moment we have seven missinaries working in Botswana; and with regard to an unending request of the local church there, we hope that sooner or later the number of our oblates missionaries will increase. Those who are already working there stay in pairs with an exception of one: Fr. Joseph Morena Koetlisi who is still turning rocks alone at Joaneng. Father Stephen Koenane Molefi is working with Father Lawrence Monyane Moshoeshoe at Hukuntsi, Fathers Clement Ts'eliso Ntlou and Raymond Matete (Ntjebe) Leuta are at Tsabong, and Fathers Michael Thabang Khotso and Augustine Ts'eliso Tente are at Good Hope.

However, we are still looking forward in responding to an urgent and unstopping request of the Bishop of Botswana, to add more Oblates missionaries.         

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