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MARCH 2007                                       233/2007                                TLHKUBELE 2007


Frs. Michael Moorosi, Phillip Mabetha and myself paid a short visit to the Oblate General House in Rome, at the invitation of Father Superior General; from February 3-12, 2007.   I would like to begin by thanking Father General and the General House community for their warm reception and hospitality during our short stay.  The aim of the visit was to discuss the report of the visitors (assessors)  who came to Lesotho in December 2006.

Details on the Visitors’ Report will be tabled and openly discussed in the Meeting of the Province, which will take place at Mazenod Conference Centre; on  March 8 - 9, 2007.   All Oblates are invited.

In closing, Father General asked me to pass his warm greetings to all the Oblates and Oblate Associates in Lesotho.  He wants everyone of us to rest assured of his prayers and support for the Province of Lesotho, its mission and its ministry.

 Emile  MOTEAPHALA,  O.M.I. 



I regret to inform the readers of Ma-Oblata a Lesotho of the death of Brother Firmin Viens, OMI; who passed away on Sunday, January 21, 2007; at the age of 97.

Brother Viens arrived in Lesotho in 1935.  And he returned to Canada in 1974 after 39 years of outstanding missionary work in Lesotho.

He was born on March 8, 1909.  He joined the Oblates in 1934 at Ville LaSalle, Canada.  He professed final vows at Mazenod, in Lesotho, on August 15, 1941.  He worked at Paray, Mazenod, St. Monica, and Villa St. Joseph.

Br. Viens was a carpenter, builder, gardener and mechanic.  He was a specialist of difficult missions; always ready to accept any call for assistance.  He rebuilt the printing press after the fire of 1946; and the new church at Mazenod.

May his soul rest in peace! 


About 21 Oblates from several continents attended the January 20-25 World Social Forum (WSF) in Nairobi, Kenya.  Among them was Father Louis Motsoasele Manyeli who was representing the Oblate Province of Lesotho.

The participants at the WSF passed resolutions pledging to strengthen the campaign against poverty, global trade imbalance and gender inequality.  Nearly 50,000 representatives from various organizations took part in the forum.  The forum’s theme was “Another World is Possible”.

The forum provided a global platform of meetings, debates and marches to address international policies that exploit the poor, women and children, and the environment.  Participants denounced the amount of money that nations spend on military buildup instead of fighting poverty

The Oblates also used this opportunity to visit the Oblates working in the Meru area and to see the number of projects that they are involved in, e.g. bakery, wood workshop, water project, etc.


All Oblates of Lesotho are invited to the Meeting of the Province that will be held at Mazenod C. Centre, on March 8-9, 2007.

Agenda: (1) To discuss Visitors’ Report; (2) Discussion on the priorities of the mission of the Province.

 Time: On Thursday, March 8, 2007, proceedings start at 9.00 am.


Deacon Brother Michael Sello Terai will be ordained priest at St. Gerard Parish, Mafeteng, on April 21, 2007.


 Scholastic Brother Patrick Khali Khoaele was ordained deacon at St. Augustine’s Major Seminary, on Sunday, February 25, 2007.


Brother Tjotjela Leonard Tjotjela left Lesotho on February 4, 2007 for St. Joseph Scholasticate, at Cedara, South Africa.  He is pursuing his studies at St. Joseph’s Theological Institute.


   March:                                                  April:

   03  Ntoane Francis                                 02  Terai Michael

         Maphala John                                  05  Brossard Gilles

   04  Leuta Raymond                                07  Maqabe  Julius

05  Sephamola Joseph                                 Mokiti  Matthew

   09  Matsora Lawrence                            10  Lijo Odilon

   12  Ponoane Simon                                11  Tlaba Gabriel

13  Ramashamole Julius                         12  Mosenye Vincent

            16  MOHLALISI  Bernard                              Tšita   Clement

   18  Moeketsi  Lawrence                          14  Kokoana Clement

   22  Phoofolo  Charles                             21  Maboloka Peter

      Ponya  Methodius                            22  'Motsi Lawrence   

                                                                              Tholoana Simon

                                                               23  Pitso  Pascalis

                                                                        29  Pepenene Norbert



Name                                                   Birth                 Year                 Home Parish

Students in Theology:

Pitso Pali Pascalis                                 23-04-78            VI                    Pontmain

          Khakhane Mahase Augustinus                11-06-78            V                     Roma

Maseru Lekhooa John                            24-01-77            V                     St. Louis

Matsoso Tumo Charles                           18-02-77            V                     St. Charles

’Molaoa Thabo Lucas                             09-07-78            V                     M-Rose, Qwa-Qwa

Pama Noma Aloysius                            21-06-80            V                     Maryland

Tšita Semethe Clement                          12-04-78            V                     Mazenod


Boatile Mothusi Sydney                          11-12-81            IV                    St. Peter’s- Gaborone

Katase Katase Paul                               01-02-79            IV                    Mt. Carmel

Khatala Mokhoabo Paul                          03-02-80            IV                    Paray

Lekhooa Lekhooa Phillip                         07-01-82            IV                    Auray

Matomaneng Neo Andreas                      26-11-77            IV                    Auray

Metsing Thabo Leonard                          06-01-78            IV                    Mt. Carmel

Phakoe Balekane Clement                      03-08-82            IV                    St. Martin

Pita Motlatsi Selbourne                          17-11-78            IV                    O.L. of Victories

Phoofolo Phoofolo Charles                      22-03-80            IV                    Immaculate C.

Sentšo Liphapang Alexis                        13-12-78            IV                    St. Leonard

Shai Pheello Josias                                15-01-79            IV                    St. Charles

Tsoamotse Mokhantši Peter                   20-08-78            IV                    Mazenod

Introduction to Theology:

Heisi Mahase Bernard                            31-07-1982          IV*                  Mt. Carmel

Matsoso `Muso Bernard                         07-02-1978          IV*                  Villa Maria

Mohlakola Letlotlo Ananias                     02-01-1979          IV*                  `Mabasotho

Students in Philosophy:

Posholi Kebitsamang Nathanael              20-10-1980          III                    Sacred Heart                

Thamae Sekake Andreas                        11-09-1980          III                    St. Leonard


Letsoela Suoane Julius                           25-06-1975          II                       St.Theresa 

Maphalla Thabang John                          12-11-1980           II                       Auray

Mapholo Teboho Clement                       21-02-1982           II                       Holy Cross

Mokhethi Mothibeli Lawrence                  29-11-1983           II                       Mazenod

Motlomelo Thabo Evaristus                     13-09-1982           II                       M. Holy Redeemer

Ponya Thato Methodius                          22-03-1985          II                       St. Francis

Putsoane  Tebelo Samuel                       03-02-1985          II                       St. Saviour’s

Setipe Mpho Lucius                               15-12-1985          II                       St. Gerard

Mothepu Tsepo Azael                             17-09-1984            I                       Nazareth

Maqabe Moeketsi Julius                         07-04-1985            I                       Mazenod

Thibinyane Moabi Peter                          03-02-1986            I                       Nohana

          International Scholasticate – Rome:

Makhebesela Mokoatsi William               10-09-76            V                     St. Leonard

Matsau Maboee Patrick                          30-05-79            V                     Good Shepherd

          St. Joseph Scholasticate – KwaZulu Natal:

Tjotjela Tjotjela Leonard                          23-09-73            VI                     Mazenod


Bereng Lebohang Clement                      21-02-77            Deacon             Good shepherd

Paoane Matsietse Joseph                       09-06-77            Deacon             Good Shepherd

Terai Sello Michael                                 02-04-78            Deacon             St. Gerard

Khoaele Khali Patrick                             06-05-75            Deacon             St. Benedict


Libe Rakotsoana Leonard                       25-08-1977                                St. Michael

Pitso Qeto  Samuel                                26-09-1983                                Mt. Carmel


Augustinus Bane -  Superior

Lucas Leluma -  bursar

Simon  Ponoane - member

Anthony  Makatjane – member

Paul Matlosa - member

Innocent Phangoa – member

Valère Eko - member


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