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                            MAOBLATA A LESOTHO

                               PROVINCIAL HOUSE, MASERULESOTHO


            MAY  2007                        235/2007                MOTS'EANONG 2007

S T A R T I N G   A F R E S H

As we journey through life we make decisions and choices that ultimately define what we become.  These choices and decisions place us generally into one of the two categories: Either we journey through life as “losers”, blaming everybody else for our lack of progress or success; or we journey through life as “winners”.  Winners are people who take charge of their life. Whenever they have slipped up they have enough courage and motivation to start afresh.

At this point in time, our Province may be going through challenging times, but with the right attitude and collective effort, the recovery is almost guaranteed.  A great effort is already underway at the administrative level but serious challenges still remain here and there at the individual level.  Systemic and sustainable change requires active participation of everyone.

We are most grateful to the General Administration and to our brother Oblates elsewhere for their invaluable assistance to us, as we attempt to get our Province up and running in its ministry and mission of evangelizing the poor in this part of the world.

Evangelizare pauperibus misit me!





“During the whole month of April this year, Pius XII Catholic Community on the campus of the National University of Lesotho was commemorating the 62 years of its existence, starting from the founding of Pius XII Catholic University College, on April 8, 1945.

 “The idea of establishing a Catholic University in Africa was conceived by the hierarchy of the Southern African Catholic Bishops in 1938, at the synod meeting held in Cape Town.  This dream was not realized until 1945 when Bishop Cyprian Joseph Bonhomme, OMI, then bishop of Lesotho, accepted to build a University between Roma Parish and former St. Theresa Minor Seminary.

 “In 1946, the new site to build a Catholic University was granted by the Queen Regent Amelia `Mantšebo Seeiso who allocated the site where NUL is found today.  In 1950, the Catholic Unversity College was entrusted officially to the Congregation of the Missionary Oblates of Mary Immaculate. The baton fell on Fr. Paul-Emile Beaule, OMI, who became the first rector (1945-1950).

 “The celebration of the 62nd anniversary of Pius XII Catholic Community marks another  milestone in the life of the Catholic Community in the campus.  The raison d’etre of the Catholic Community is to continue, promote and develop further the ideals for which the Catholic University College was founded. 

 “The founding Fathers of Pius XII C. U. C. were armed with clear vision and firm commitment to found an institution of higher learning, based on Christian principles of altruistic love and dedicated service to one another, guided by unreserved search for truth in its many facets.

 “As the Catholic community on campus we walk tall not because we stand on firm ground but because we stand on the shoulders of the giants of faith, and visionaries.  We stand in the middle of the trinity of time: Past, Present and Future.  We are looking at the Past with gratitude; at the Future with hope; and at the Present with enthusiasm.  We are part of the evolving process of building a sustainable Future.” (Fr. Tlali G. Lerotholi, OMI – Roma).


 The Provincial Council has appointed Fr. Atang Lucas Leluma to be the Director of Personnel in the  Province.  He will assist the Provincial in personnel management. Among his duties, Fr. Leluma will assist the Provincial in the implementation of the council decisions concerning personnel.  For further details concerning the role of Personnel Director, see Report on the Ordinary Visitation of the Province of Lesotho, February-March 2005, p.14.

 Besides his duties as Personnel Director, Fr. Leluma will also be the member of Council who keeps the Provincial Office when the Provincial is away.  For those who would like to see Vicar Provincial, Fr. Michael Moorosi, he remains available at Mazenod Institute.


 Fr Christopher Francis Pulchny arrived in Lesotho on Wednesday, April 18, 2007.  He is the Director of financial policy of the Province of Lesotho.


 Young Oblates (under 6 years…) will have a meeting  at Oblate House in Maseru; on May 23, 2007.  The meeting starts at 9.00 a.m.



05   Moeketsi  Joseph

06  Takatso Lawrence

07  Moorosi Michael

09  Thantši Lawrence

11  Sekoati Michael

12  Ramakatsa Wilfried

      Njezula Emmanuel

13  Letsepe Thomas

18  Phohlo Abel

21  Setsomi Bernard

25  Motlaopa Clement

30  Matsau  Patrick


01  Motanyane Alexander

04  Salooe Jacob

06  Sephamola Emmanuel

08  Mabetha Phillip

09  Paoane Joseph

10  Nthethe Constantinus

      Tampane Clement

11  Khakhane  Augustinus

15  Langlois Claude

21  Pama  Aloysius

23  Makara Benedict

24  Koetlisi Joseph

25  Pharoe Augustine

      Shopane Francis

      Letsoela  Julius

26     Letsatsi Peter

27     Ramalumane Paul


 I regret to inform the readers of Ma-Oblata a Lesotho of the death of Brother Raymond Desrochers, OMI, who passed away on Tuesday, April 3, 2007; at the age of 86.

 Brother Desrochers arrived in Lesotho in 1950.  And he returned to Canada in 1983 after 33 years of outstanding missionary work in Lesotho.

 He was born on May, 11, 1920.  He joined the Oblates in 1947 at Richelieu, Canada.  He professed final vows at Villa Maria, in Lesotho, on October 7, 1954.  He worked at Villa Maria, Holy Cross, Paray, Roma, Our Lady of Victories, and Mazenod.

 Among many other works he installed the large cross, 40 feet high, on the mountain behind the mission of Holy Cross in 1952.

 May his soul rest in peace!


Letsatsi la Mohlomi oa Kopano ea rona (De Mazenod Day), le tla ketekeloa ka Mandaha oa la 21 Motšeanong 2007. 

 Ka letsatsi la mokete, bohle re tla khobokana hammoho Mazenod Conference Centre, joalokaha e le tloaelo.  Litšebeletso li tla qala ka hora ea bobeli motšeare-oa-mantsiboea (14h00).  Re hopoleng hape hore re tla be re ketekela le Ma-Oblata a rona a etsang li-jubile selemong sena.


 Mona ke etsa khopotso ho Ma-Oblata `ohle a Setereke sa Maseru hore phutheho ea Setereke e tla tšoareloa St. Louis Mission, Matsieng ka la 09/05/2007. (Fr. Carolus Thamae – District Superior).


 Congratulations to Father Michael Sello Terai who was  ordained priest at St. Gerard Parish, Mafeteng, on Saturday,  21st  April   2007.


 Father Emmanuel Morallana from St. Rose Mission, Peka, has received an obedience to Mazenod Monastery.

 Father Benedict Tseko Makara from Mazenod Monastery, has received an obedience to St. Rose Mission, Peka.

 Father Phillip Tumisang Mabetha from Oblate House Community, has received an obedience to Maria `Mabasotho Pastoral Centre.

 Father Justinus Tahleho Mpopo from Oblate House Community, has received an obedience to Mazenod Monastery.

 Father Vincent Tanki Mosenye who was ordained priest on October 14, 2006, has received an obedience to St. Francis Mission, Tsoelike.

 Father Simon Moeti Ponoane from Oblate Scholasticate, has received an obedience to Mazenod Monastery.

 Brother John Tiisetso Maphala from Holy Cross Mission, Mekaling, has received an obedience to Villa Maria Novitiate.

 Father William Motenalapi from Most Holy Redeemer Mission, Qacha’s nek, has received an obedience to Roma Parish.

 Father Johannes Matooane from Oblate House Community, has received an obedience to Mazenod Conference Centre.


 Tlali John Khotso, motsoali oa Father Michael Khotso.  O hlokahetse ka la 13/04/2007.  O bolokoa ka la 05//05/2007.

 Alice Moorosi, motsoali oa Father Michael Moorosi.  O hlokahetse ka la 15/04/2007.  O bolokoa ka la 12/05/2007.

 Francisca Makotoko, nkhono oa  Father Innocent Phangoa.  O hlokahetse ka la 16/04/2007.

 Masilo Phinias Matsoso, moholoane oa Brother Charles Matsoso.  O hlokahetse ka la 13/04/2007.  O bolokoa ka la 05/05/2007.

 Alina `Mamokete Mokhele, khaitseli ea Father Innocent Phangoa.  O hlokahetse ka la 19/04/2007.



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