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Lesotho Province

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          Oblates at Mazenod Printing and Books-selling Works

Here we have Fr. Michael Moorosi who is the General Manager of the Company. His oblates colleagues are Bros. Bernard Setsomi, Emmanuel Sephamola, and Frs. Clement Tampane, Alphonce Mathibeli who is also the Parish Priest of St. John Tlali Roman Catholic Mission at Ha-Tlali in the archdiocese of Maseru.

    Oblates at Mazenod monastery

We have Fr. Emmanuel Morallana as the superior of the house under whose care are the following Oblates, to mention but some, Bros. Setsomi Bernard, Sephamola Emmanuel, Thants'i Lawrence, Gerard Ramokoatsi, Claude Langlois, Ramakatsa Wilfried, Mohlalisi Johannes and Frs. Tampane Clement, Clement Kokoana, Mpopo Justinus, Simon Ponoane and Lijo Odilon 

Lebreton House of the Sick

The Director of this house is Bro. Bernard Mokuena. This house is intended for both the sick and aged fellow oblates. For his personnel there, we have Bro. Laurenti Ntsoha, Frs. Peter Maboloka, Simon Rampeo, Isidore Mathibeli, Peter Letsatsi who is also helping at St. Peter Clauver Roman Catholic Mission at Ts'oeneng and Ernest Pheku.

Mazenod Conference Center

The Director of this house is Fr. Jacob Salooe who is also administering the mission in prisons under the archbishop of  Maseru, Rev. Archbishop Bernard Mohlalisi OMI. The members of MCC community are Frs. Michael Moorosi who is also both the member of the Provincial Council and the General Manager of Mazenod Printing and Books Selling Company, Lawrence Motsi, Abraham Makhotla who is also both the member of the Provincial Financial Team, the Parish Priest of St. Vincent R.C.M. at Matala's and the Director of Youth Ministry of the Province, John Matooane who is also responsible for the Province's archives, Bros. Vincent Ntsitsa and Leonard Libe.

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