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This is the mountain fortress of King Moshoeshoe I, the first Basotho King and founder. This mountain is in the district of Maseru, about 20-30km from the center city. Thaba-Bosiu is not in the highlands parts of the country but in the lowlands. One of the most famous Mosotho poet and musician, Dr. Joshua Pulumo Mohapeloa (RIP) when talking about this mountain he says:

Re rola likatiba ha re boha

Thaba-Bosiu, thari’a Basotho,

Thaba ho ōtla chaba se fokola,

Ea se phutha-phuthela tjee ka katib’a kuoane.

Bohle re re ke hae, hae la rona;

Mona re tsoa teng bohle-bohle Basotho.


E ke e khabe, e apare botalana

Thaba-Bosiu e ke ea mehleng ea Thesele,

Eo malot’a mara a a fetotseng sechaba.

Thaba-sefika sa khotso eo Moshoesho’a reng:

‘Motse ho atleha, ho aha oa Morapeli

“Na u ka nketsa’ng?” che, ha e ahe motse’.


Hape ke seemahale

Sa Moshoeshoe le bo-Makoanyane

Natla tse loanetseng Lesotho hore re le rue.

Ke hona mona thabeng ena

Moo seli la tsebo’a Molimo

Ka mahlaseli le ileng la hlaba teng pele


Nĝalo ena ho rona ke e khethehileng;

Hoba mona ke moo Thesele oa Mokhachane

A robetseng, mothei oa chaba sena sa rōna.

Meaning that we take-off our hats as with respect to Thaba-Bosiu, mother of Basotho. She (Thaba-Bosiu) cared and protected our small nation. We all say that it is our home for here we all Basotho cometh forth from. He even prays to God that this mountain wear greenish, i.e. be full of life like in the times of  Thesele (another name of Moshoeshoe I). This, the poet continues, is a throne of PEACE which King Moshoeshoe was known of to other nations. According to Dr. Mohapeloa Thaba-Bosiu is also a monument of King Moshoeshoe and his warriors like Makoanyane who fought for Lesotho that we own it today. It is also at this mountain that the knowledge of God with its rays first reached, i.e. missionaries arrived here first because they had to show up to the King before they could carry on with their mission of evangelizing—to get permission to work and to live among the Basotho. This place, for us Basotho is a very outstanding one in importance and honour because Thesele of Mokhachane—our founder—is sleeping (buried). This is how Dr. Mohapeloa looks at Thaba-Bosiu.

Really, this place is good-looking for everyone who would like to know about Basotho nation since it is where their roots are. Things to see at this mountain of Basotho are different types/kind of aloes on the mountain side and on top, different types of grasses both on top and mountain side, a sand which used to work miracles on top of the mountain, and most outstandingly, the tombs of Basotho Kings and warriors from Moshoeshoe I, the founder of this nation. Neighbouring to this mountain is Basotho is another honoured mountain called Qiloane which the Basotho hat bears a resemblance to its form. But the whole area here there is called Thaba-Bosiu after that mountain.

Down Thaba-Bosiu Mountain, there is a lodge and some shops to help visitors to the place. There is also two missions of the dominating church denominations in Lesotho, that is, the Catholic Church and the Lesotho Evangelical Church.

Welcome to thaba-bosiu!

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