Oblate Youth Ministries


A Youth Committee has been set up to drive this initiative. It has eight members. They meet on a regular basis to discuss and plan the initiatives.

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Our youth committee

work in parishes

In parishes where Oblates work, attention is being given to youth through developing their participation in the life of the parish. In this way we work towards their formation as leaders.

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input and training

The committee also needs equipping with the necessary skills to successfully drive a youth programme that will influence the lives of young people. One initiative was the participation in a skills training workshop to development interpersonal relation skills.

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composing a youth programme

Our plan is to compose a programme that is unique to the cultural milieu of our province. The purpose of such an experience will be to bring about transformation and conversion in the lives of our youth, based on the call of
St. Eugene de Mazenod.

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We have decided to develop one or more specific centres for Oblate youth ministry. Albini Hall at Congella was recently renovated and reopened as a site for leadership training courses in Durban. The committee also has plans for the development of a youth training centre at Inchanga and is collaborating with the retreat and pilgrimage ministry to develop a youth centre at Redacres which will cater for bigger groups (100+).

A business plan for the development of Inchanga into a youth skills development centre has been created.

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some examples of our progress

Oblate Religious Music: In November, 2006, the Ama-Oblates kaMaria Ongenasici launched UDUMO, their debut CD, at the Winston Churchill Theatre in Pietermaritzburg in front of a large crowd. The function was organised in collaboration with the Department of Arts Culture and Tourism who noted that the message of religious music is in line with their policy of moral regeneration in society. The Mayor of Pietermaritzburg also expressed her joy at being present. This CD is played regularly on local radio stations and is used by priests such as Father Mbheki NGCOBO who presents religious broadcasts on radio.

An Oblate Musical: Forever Home is an original, home-grown musical which conveys a message of empowerment to young people especially. Since its launch last year, it has had been performed many times in different venues throughout KwaZulu Natal and Gauteng The two hour musical is based on the story of the prodigal son and through the medium of the performing arts we echo his call: "KNOW WHO YOU ARE IN THE EYES OF GOD". No family is perfect and every child grows up searching for identity, security, respect. The youth who have bravely made up the cast and crew, are themselves the expression of this journey. They started the project as inexperienced, nervous and anxious teenagers. This journey has given them the faith to believe and they have emerged as confident, beautiful, bold young men and women. See www.foreverhome.co.za

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Chaplaincy at DUT: The youth ministry recently took on the chaplaincy at Durban University of Technology.

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