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Our personnel is just scattered into almost every mission of the Church in Lesotho and abroad. Locally, we have quite a good number of Oblates who are doing/engaged in parish-work; we have also at least two Oblates who are vicars of the Bishops—Fr. A. Motanyane as vicar of the Arch-Bishop of Maseru and Fr. A. Lekau, vicar of the Diocese of Mohale’s Hoek. We have also one Oblate who is fully committed to prisons work under the umbrella of the Arch-bishop of Maseru, Fr. Jacob Salooe. Still under this umbrella we have an Oblate who is fully engaged to youth mission/ministry, Fr. A. Pharoe.

In the St. Augustine’s Major Seminary we still have Oblates lecturers in both the Philosophical and Theological departments. Even the whole dean of studies is an Oblate, Fr. A. Makatjane. Again, in this academic outlook, we have people in the National University of Lesotho whereby some are even holding positions of heads of faculties/departments.

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