MAMI members join
in the celebration
of De Mazenod Day
in May 2005

Some of our
members busy
at work.




The MAMI is an association of lay people who share in the mission and spirituality of the Oblates. Our associates offer daily prayer for the work of the Oblates throughout the world. They are invited to take an active interest in Oblate undertakings and to make regular financial offerings towards the growth and development of the Oblate mission. Membership in the MAMI therefore offers one the opportunity to join in the work of the Oblate Fathers and Brothers in a tangible way, to be a part of our mission to serve and care for the poor. Masses are celebrated daily, by Oblates all over the world, for the intentions of our associates.

Fr. Albert Danker has, for many years now, been the director of the MAMI in the Province of Natal. Together with a group of promoters in various parishes, Fr. Danker co-ordinates and keeps contact with all members and friends. A newsletter is sent out, as well as regular meetings held to inform everyone of the progress of the Association and to promote fellowshipamong the members.

The Oblate congregation of priests and brothers, like every family, must provide for all the needs of its members and take care of the training of young candidates so that the work of evangelization will continue. The training of candidates is a long and costly process. In addition, provision must be made for post-graduate training and growth in the spiritual, theological and pastoral sciences. Holidays and rest periods are needed and those who have retired from active pastoral work need special attention.

Our associates take particular interest in the support of our houses of formation, as well as the special care for our sick and retired Oblates. Contributions are therefore made in small and large financial offerings, as well as time and talents to help with fund-raising projects. Many members also make the generous offering of leaving something for the Oblates in their wills.

Why not become part of this ministry of support and service within the Oblate family. For further information and application forms, contact
Fr. Albert Danker:
or write to :

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