Our Mission and Ministries

Mission Statement

We, the Missionary Oblates of Mary Immaculate of the Province of Natal,
called by Jesus Christ to bring good news,
commit ourselves in apostolic communities,
guided by the Spirit to serve the Church in transition
with a renewed response to the poor.

Missionary Activity
The Oblates of Mary Immaculate in the Natal Province are involved in ministry in the Archdiocese of Bulawayo, the Archdiocese of Durban, the Diocese of Umzimkulu and the Diocese of Tarbes and Lourdes in France. Until recently, our men were also appointed to ministries in the Archdiocese of Cape Town and within the Diocese of Johannesburg.

Our diversity of ministries to serve the poor and abandoned include the following:

A. External Ministries

  1. Zimbabwe Mission: The Natal province is responsible for the Zimbabwe mission since 2001. 7 Oblates are currently working in this mission.
  2. Parish Ministry: 26 Oblates involved in this ministry.
  3. Education and Academic Ministry: 7 Natal Oblates work in this ministry. On the tertiary level we work at at St Josephs Theological Institute (www.sjti.ac.za) in Cedara. On the secondary level we own two schools: Sibong'mbomvu at Cedara and Inchanga Combined school at Inchanga.
  4. Healing Ministry: 5 Oblates Includes full time hospital chaplains.
  5. Retreat and Pilgrimage Ministry: 5 Natal Oblates are involved in this ministry. Besides our work in Lourdes and Nshongweni, we also run the Oblate Retreat Centre in Redacres (www.redacres.org.za).
  6. Youth Ministry: 3 Oblates were specifically in this ministry which is being newly configured in 2005 (see OMI Update June 2005).

B. Internal Ministries

  1. Vocation and Formation Ministry: 9 Natal Oblates work in this ministry at St Josephs Scholasticate, Cedara; Mazenod House Bulawayo and Cleland.
  2. Ministry to Retired and Sick Priests: 9 Oblates are currently retired. The province runs Sabon House, a centre for retired Oblates and is currently investigating enlarging this facility to include frail care.
  3. Administration: 3 Oblates are full time in this: 2 at the Provincial House and One is the full time vicar general of the Archdiocese of Durban.

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