2. Malnutrition therapy Programme in support of vulnerable children

The Oblate Development Programmes is a response to people's need for humanity and for salvation. When people lack basic humanity, through a lack of inalienable rights to food, health and shelter, it is our duty to reach out to them and extend God's healing embrace.

The Malnutrition therapy programme is a project intervention which seeks to assist communities understand their threshold of risk to malnutrition amongst children, and to develop co-designed solutions for the prevention of the latter.

A medical team visits rural communities in Zimbabwe and with the support of the local community, clinically examines all the children under the age of 5 to determine their health and risk to malnutrition.

Workshops with each community are then held regularly evaluate their progress in the fight against malnutrition amongst children. Co-designed solutions emerge and the programme tries to engage stakeholders to support these initiatives which promote industry, self- sustainability, access to clean water, development of methods for food preservation, and the education for greater efficiency in the utility of scarce resources.

The programme provides direct aid relief to children living in situations which cause malnutrition through protein supplementary products.