Engineering Value-Systems through Development

The Oblate Development Programmes operates under the rationale that developing a sense of humanity within people, is the fundamental building block by which to create a thriving and life-giving society.

Jesus Christ proclaimed: “I have come so that you may have life, and life in abundance (John 10: 10). This statement highlights the God has come, first and foremost to establish a sense of humanity within us, so that grace can empower us to choose God more freely.

The Oblate Development Programmes is an effort to develop people, not only on the basis of animating a shared sense of humanity, but more so, that having worked towards building a greater sense of dignity within people, they may be empowered to choose God ever more abundantly.

We see our work in development as a practical pathway of leading people to faith through good works, and by definitively communicating the purpose for which these works are done—the project of Jesus Christ! We are not a ‘Non-Governmental Organization’ providing secular support to developmental needs, even though in praxis, this is what may be assumed we do.

However, the unique contribution we make to the sector for development, is that we build values and systems of values within the process of developmental praxis. These values are the building blocks of self-sustainability, and without the latter, all project interventions lack the ability to persevere the hardships of sacrifice, determination, sweat and tears, selflessness and commitment.

Successful developmental outputs are more than just ‘knowledge-engineered’. Success in the long- term, out of poverty is ‘values-engineered’.

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