7. Youth for Life: Values systems development in education

The Oblates of Mary Immaculate in Southern Africa recognize that an investment into the youth is one of greatest needs for society today, and especially within the current context of more than 63% of Southern Africans being under the age of 25 as of 2012.

The Oblate Development Programmes runs two project interventions for youth development:

Youth for Life Programme

The Youth for Life Programme is an intervention programme in public and private schools in the development of 'values-formation' within the schooling environment.

The project emerged out of a need to address the crises of dysfunctional behavior amongst youth within the schooling environment which lead to teenage pregnancies, violence within schools, young girls being taken advantage of by older men, growing infection rate of HIV amongst school-going youth, drug and substance abuse and a general disregard for the value and importance of education.

The intervention has developed education modules to be utilized during the 'Life- Orientation' sessions designated by the national curriculum for the development of values- based decision-making amongst youth.

The project has been integrated in over 40 schools within South Africa and Zimbabwe, and has made a very meaningful impact upon attitudinal change.

Youth Centre: Red Acres

The Oblate Development Programmes partners with the Red Acres Centre which is primarily a youth centre for spiritual and leadership training of the youth.

The Oblates seek to enhance the facilities of this Centre that it become a national youth camp facility, running fun activities and spiritual and leadership development programmes for the youth.

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