5. Development of Research for an informed process of co-designing solutions

St Joseph's Theological Institute runs a research department which generates, through an engagement with local communities and activists working therein, a resource of academic 'knowledge' which enriches the quality of how social problems are understood, and what relevant solutions lay open for decision-making.

The research done at St Joseph's Theological Institute is very much so influenced by an interaction of 'value-systems' with the context under study, and proposes, not only pragmatic solutions to social problems, but also and more definitively, propositions of value which have been informed by the rich traditions of Catholic theology.

In the past five years, St Joseph's Theological Institute has conducted research into the following developmental topics and produced academic research papers within these fields:

- Islam in Africa
- Justice issues in Southern Africa
- Democracy in South Africa after twenty years
- Refugees and the response of society and the Church
- Ecology and the Environment
- Value of the Principle of Law
- Leadership
- Violence within society

These research papers have been published in the accredited international Journal: Grace and Truth.